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Pride is about every aspect of our diverse community, respecting each and every participant, worker and service provider who make our Pride celebrations and events so special. Respecting those who help us deliver a safe and amazing Pride festival of events.

2015 saw the launch of the Brighton & Hove Pride Respect Campaign. Working in conjunction with the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum, the Pride Respect Campaign celebrates the service providers in our city, ensuring not only a warm welcome but also a respectful appreciation of the work they do to make our Pride events possible.

Respect for Brighton and Hove’s refuse workers, ambulance drivers and paramedics, police officers and support staff, fire crews and stewards. Respect for everyone working at or providing services for Brighton Pride, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour or creed.

“Pride promotes tolerance, acceptance and respect for of all our diverse communities. We really hope that everyone can engage this positive campaign thats promote our citywide respect campaign.

This should include respect for the residents of Preston Park and St James’s Street area whose lives are disrupted by the Pride celebrations on their doorstep as well as your fellow Pride goers. We don’t believe harassment or inappropriate behaviour to fellow Pride goers or service providers should be tolerated and we support the Police in taking appropriate action.

We really want locals and visitors to the City to have an amazing Pride weekend and encourage people to please drink responsibly and to help make Brighton and Hove Pride the UK’s proudest Pride celebrations”

The Pride Respect campaign highlights Brighton Pride’s commitment to an event free from bullying, sexual harassment or body shaming. An event where all are welcome and free to be who they are. A Pride based on respect for all.

The LGBT Community Safety Forum have set up ‘REPORT IT!’, a project to make it easier for members of the LGBT community to report a crime and get the help and support they need.