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Shared Benefit – Shared Responsibility

In 2019 Brighton Pride launched City Angels to promote a closer working partnership between Pride and local retailers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses. This relationship extends beyond Pride weekend via a year long campaign whereby Pride promotes the retail and hospitality economy, whilst asking those businesses that benefit from the £20m+ that is spent over Pride weekend to engage their civic pride and get involved through the Pride City Angels initiative

How to get involved

  • Sign up to be a #PrideCityAngel and commit to the Pride City Angel’s pledge:
  • Commit to keeping the front of your business area clean, tidy and litter free over Pride weekend and encourage customers and staff to dispose of their litter responsibly
  • Be vigilant to hate crime incidents over Pride weekend and actively report incidents to police
  • Be fully supportive of LGBTQ initiatives and events that take place in Brighton & Hove and over Pride weekend
  • Be a #PrideCityAngel champion and encourage other businesses to sign up

The benefits of being a City Angel

  • Receive official City Angel Pride merchandise to display your support and stand out from the crowd – rainbow flag and digital graphics for social media and websites
  • Be listed on the City Angel page on Brighton Pride website
  • Business listing on full page advertisements celebrating City Angels
  • Be part of the social media campaign around City Angels with links to supporters pages
  • Benefit from city visitors supporting your business because you are clearly identified as a City Angel

To read more and get involved, visit

Respect – Pride – Unity

RESPECT for the city, each other, people
PRIDE in our city through a shared pledge to care for it
UNITY in our collective approach to look out for the city and individuals within it.

To get involved click HERE

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